School Flip Flop College

Maha Ezzeddine • Elda

"Doing this course has been a good choice because it has helped knowing and introducing myself in the world of footwear, going deep on every detail of this area. It has been a pleasure being able to carry it out since I come from a totally different area, such as marketing and business management. I have taken full advantage to obtain a complete learning in this field."

María Endara • Elda

"I found in the course of Shoe Design Expert a world full of possibilities to create and design products loaded with innovation; an opportunity to complement my curriculum as a fashion designer from a new design perspective. And personally I discovered a passion, which until then was unknown to me, footwear design has led me to pursue new goals in my career."

Paula Septien • Madrid

"A quite complete course, after several years trying to do it in Elda, it has been a success to bring it to Madrid! Ideal for those who want to dedicate themselves to the world of footwear in a professional way, even starting from scratch, a good rhythm of learning. A great Rhinoceros success. The teachers are very involved as is the organization. Happy with the course."

Flip Flop College has collaboration agreements with various universities, business schools and prestigious entities.

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