Professionals in the fashion sector who wish to boost their career. Graduates/graduates in fashion design, footwear, ADE, Information Sciences, Advertising and Public Relations and Law.
Professionals who work in the marketing and communication department within the fashion sector, CEO’s of companies in the fashion sector (footwear, accessories, home, cosmetics, beauty, etc.)

– Define the keys for your fashion company to consolidate under an excellent marketing and communication strategy.
– Knowledge of the world of luxury and its keys.
– Preparation and development of a marketing and communication plan according to the needs of the brand and all the actions that comprise it.

– Ability to understand the consumer and reach him.
– Ability to lead teams in companies in the fashion sector.
– Specialization in marketing and communication strategy, understanding the current picture of the industry, anticipating changes and fluctuations in the market and responding to the needs of the big brands.

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