Maha Ezzeddine


“Doing this course has been a good choice because it has helped knowing and introducing myself in the world of footwear, going deep on every detail of this area. It has been a pleasure being able to carry it out since I come from a totally different area, such as marketing and business management. I have taken full advantage to obtain a complete learning in this field.”

María Endara


“I found in the course of Shoe Design Expert a world full of possibilities to create and design products loaded with innovation; an opportunity to complement my curriculum as a fashion designer from a new design perspective. And personally I discovered a passion, which until then was unknown to me, footwear design has led me to pursue new goals in my career.

Paula Septien


“A quite complete course, after several years trying to do it in Elda, it has been a success to bring it to Madrid! Ideal for those who want to dedicate themselves to the world of footwear in a professional way, even starting from scratch, a good rhythm of learning. A great Rhinoceros success. The teachers are very involved as is the organization. Happy with the course.”

Antonio Cerdán García


“My experience in the course Shoe Design Expert was excellent. For me it has meant a lot. Since you learn from scratch to carry out your footwear collections, from making freehand sketches, how to introduce your project in the market. All this happening through different modules walked by great professionals. For me it has been very complete. Apart from the modules, we also made different visits to factories, where we could see the shoe manufacturing processes. This part is highly recommended, since there is nothing like watching live. And the best thing of all has been to get to know all the colleagues and professors, and being able to compare opinions and ideas.”

Marta Marrodán


“This course provides an overview of the footwear world: marketing, advertising, pattern design, tools, sources … It has been interesting for me since I belong to this area and have managed to learn and strengthen the Illustrator and Photoshop design programs, as well as, develop a portfolio of quite a professional design. For me it has been an important development in my professional career because it has given me the concern and the ability to start as a freelance and try to launch my own project. I recommend it if in any way you are connected to the world of fashion. On the other hand, in terms of course content, it has been very complete, although if it were for me, I would have liked the design and drawing modules to be more extensive, however, you always have the teachers at your disposal for any questions.”

Noelia Gallego


“This course came at the right time because, after almost 15 years working on footwear I was stuck and decided it was time to train academically and mature as a professional. The program covers a lot of material and knowledge and all the teachers gave us all their attention and help, using personalized teaching for each student and demonstrating to be experts in their areas. Although I already had experience, I acquired a lot of new knowledge and learned everything necessary to become a design professional. Perhaps the most rewarding thing was to do the final project, since all the dedication and hours of work were rewarded upon seeing the result. Plan collections, designs, presentation, etc. and getting it done makes you think about everything you’ve learned and how well spent your time was. Taking the Shoe Design Expert course has been, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have made in my professional life.”

Ignasi Soler


“I am Ignasi Soler and I am a product designer. From my first steps in design, I had always had concerns about design in the footwear area (my professional experience as a designer is product design), so I saw the opportunity in the Shoe Design Expert course to learn and discover other aspects. My experience has been positive, the professors who have participated in the course show that they are great professionals and more important they have shown great interest in transmitting their knowledge and experiences with a very close treatment. As well as the organization and the museum have been aware of our concerns and interests in our training, including collaborations and talks (with professionals and major international brands) very interesting to expand our knowledge, not only at a design level but also in marketing, social networks, etc. Also happy with the colleagues, there was a lot of interest and a lot of camaraderie, the course started with people with different levels of design knowledge and they all finished the course presenting very interesting footwear collections both at a creative and technical level. If you like the design of footwear and fashion, this course is undoubtedly the best option to learn about the sector and reach the labor market with the necessary knowledge. My experience has been very positive and satisfying.”

Miguel Orta


“When I found the Shoe Design Expert course, I did not hesitate to sign up since I really wanted to learn about the footwear world. The experience was wonderful since I could learn from Fashion History to know how to take out the patterns of an Oxford. Thanks to the Shoe Design Expert course and the people who have given us the different modules, I have been able to develop my creativity and I have been able to develop a collection designed entirely with Illustrator and Photoshop and I have never used these tools before. “

Elena Bragado


“Choosing the course ” Shoe Design Expert course”, of the Higher Institute of Professional Studies CEU, to continue my studies was a very appropriate decision, because it gave me an unforgettable experience, and without a doubt it brings benefits to my professional life. The teaching system is characterized by its classes, real experiences of the area and guided tutorials. Apart from that, I want to deeply thank the Elda Footwear Museum, the fascinating teachers and the wonderful companions, for their unconditional help throughout the process. Thanks to them, I was able to complete my training and expand my knowledge. The truth is that I feel very proud to have had a great time with them.”