This course is designed for profiles that want to learn and improve new techniques in 3D shoe design, and thus move forward with new technologies that are already implemented in companies of this area.

Learn to use the software’s commands with dexterity starting from a digital last and developing virtual models with great detail for their presentation of virtual samples.
Aprender a utilizar con destreza los comandos del programa partiendo de una horma digital y ser capaces de desarrollar modelos virtuales con todo lujo de detalles para su presentación de muestrarios virtuales.

Control your tools and adapt them to create different types of models for women’s, men’s and children’s footwear.

Manage Rhinoceros professionally.

Develop a complete model in 3D.

Treat and modify files for later 3D printing.

Work and know different types of files and imports.

All the training programmes offered by the Footwear Museum are carried out by professionals who are active within their disciplines and have proven experience in the professional and teaching fields.
Classes are 100% practical. It is intended that the student acquires the skills and abilities necessary to perform specific work in the area studied in this course, with the times and means required for its implementation in industry.

Introduction to 3D solid modeling

Boolean operations with 3D solids

Surfaces creation

Surfaces Editing

Tools u.d.t (universal deformation technology)

3D objects objects and matrices

Curve extraction built from objects

Starting to design on the last