Diego Jimenez is an experienced designer who develops his services as a design coordinator at the MTNG company for the mustang brand in his ATTITUDE segment, expert in the development of footwear collections and with a wide range of baggage developing his collections in different locations, either in China , India, Portugal, Morocco and Spain.
I am a technical designer and shoemaker expert in the development of footwear collections, with a long history developing it for 20 years in different locations around of the world.
After completing my studies at INESCOP I started to work as a modeller in different companies in the footwear sector adjustments for different leading brands in the fashion sector. After a second training based on accumulating experience in the different companies in which I worked, I start to practice as designer and successively I become a product manager which offers the opportunity to cross our borders to start work in a leading company in the German market.
Currently and After having met new work systems I return to Spain as a designer in another of the national reference brands function which complement teaching courses in different schools Fashion.